Sprint Framily Case Study

Meet the Frobinsons

Framily Portrait


KD is asked to join the Framily

Count on It

Spin Off with Jeff Gordon

Grandpa joins the Framily

DJ Chuck 


Sprint is one of the most innovative companies in America. It registers a NASAesque 10+ patents every week. It was the first to adopt digital wireless and 4G. A feisty #3 in the wireless category, it is constantly challenging industry conventions. But by 2013, the brand had started losing ground to #4 T-Mobile. Sprint needed a strong strategy to win in the market place. F&P helped them define a unique positioning that continues to determine how they communicate, market and disrupt. 


Sprint and F&P landed on an insight – the American family has changed. They're multi-generational, extended and more diverse than ever before. They are more than our relatives, but also our friends, our neighbors – all the people we love. So Sprint launched the Sprint Framily™ Plan, a pricing program that let consumers decide who they considered family. And F&P created a campaign as unique as the plan it was selling.

The Frobinson Framily was born.

It was an episodic, sitcom style story campaign. Brand content designed specifically to deal with the fast-changing mobile industry. With a cast of diverse and wacky characters, the campaign shattered the conventions of a stereotypical, cookie cutter family.

The concept launched with established and emerging stars such as Judy Greer as Mom, Kyle Mooney as college kid Chuck, Andrew Dice Clay as the voice of Dad, and music inspired by Mötley Crüe. It also allowed for surprising cameos from stars of sports, TV and movies.

And at the end of everything we made, the theme line “Happy Connecting” expressed Sprint’s optimistic, empowering belief that the connections we make are as emotional and meaningful as they are practical and necessary.