What is TAG-O-MATIC? Tag-o-matic is a high efficiency, high quality brand naming service. We deliver name concepts to marketers without the hassle or expense of engaging process-laden branding companies. Tag-o-matic is an affordable, efficient way to tap into the skills of leading creatives and strategists within a compressed timeline.

How does it work? From brief to concept, and all the way through testing and recommendation, we guarantee three strong, consumer-validated options within a week. We also deliver taglines and quick-turn copywriting solutions. 

Who is it for? Entrepreneurs, marketers and brand owners who want a quick infusion of creativity, guidance and ideas in the tricky world of naming.

Why should you choose F&P to help you?

We offer a best-in-class blend of a nimble, knowledgeable digital approach and award-winning brand building strategic and creative talent. We've done this for brands as diverse as Apple and Seamless - hundreds of brands, across multiple categories, for local businesses and for global brand powerhouses. 


“We had been working on a product name internally for quite some time, but the subjective nature of the exercise prevented us from making a decision. F&P not only brought creativity to the process, but also provided the logic we needed for evaluation through a naming architecture, consumer research and contextual language. At the end of the project, there was one, undeniable choice.”
- Brendan Codey, Sr. Marketing Manager, SoundCloud


How do it get in touch? 

Please contact us at products@figliuloandpartners.com to find out more.

How much does it cost? 

We charge a flat fee of $25K for this product.