Figliulo&Partners helps people make decisions. We combine the best of consultancy-style brand thinking with nimble digital processes. The result is the perfect blend of thoughtfulness and agility necessary to create brilliant results.

Traditionally, this kind of thinking has only been within the reach of large brands with million-dollar marketing budgets. However, we think that some of the smartest thinking today is coming from startups and entrepreneurs. We have always wanted to scale our services so that more business and brands can participate.

Introducing F&P STARTUP SOLUTIONS, a collection of four products that can be bought together or separately. TAG-O-MATIC is designed for organizations that need the best quality thinking on naming, within a quick timeline. BRIEF IN A BOX is a product for marketers who know that a great brief means the very best output, but don't know what goes into a great brief. INSIDE is a consultancy service designed to create custom production pipelines and partnerships.  And F&KEEP is a service for businesses that need support with creative asset management. 

All are designed to help startups and entrepreneurs.