Nellie's Free Range Eggs is a small brand with big ambition. Nellie’s eggs come from a collection of 36 small family farms. The eggs are produced in uncrowded, clean barns where hens have easy access to the outdoors with real grass to peck, play and dust bathe as well as access to antibiotic-free feed and fresh water 24/7. But with so many different types of eggs on the shelf, all with different labels signifying a range of health benefits shoppers are confused about what type of egg really is the healthiest. Nellie’s needed to rise above the noise and become the national brand leader in premium/specialty eggs. They needed to convince conventional egg buyers to trade up and buy better eggs by making Nellie’s the simple, easy, feel-good choice.


Nellie’s eggs are more than just Cage Free. They were the first farm in the country to be Certified Humane, which means that they hold their eggs to uniquely high standards in the category. In a highly competitive and complicated category we saw an opportunity for Nellie’s to differentiate themselves on emotional and rational grounds by focusing less on the label, and ground the brand in the true story of the childhood story of the founder Jesse, and his pet hen, Nellie. This true story became the inspiration for our Brand Story: The Hens are our Friends.


Our work illustrates the kinship between kids and hens, and the innocence with which children instinctively know that hens should be treated like friends. Paired with Bob Dylan’s iconic anthem to friendship, “All I Really Want to Do,” we expressed that the choice to treat our hens well comes from a true love and respect for the families who have cared for them for decades. This approach was supported with visuals that alternated between vintage found footage and modern day children playing side by side with the hens they love. In a category that often gets bogged down in details of what’s on the label, this work tapped into a more powerful emotional truth.

For a small brand in a category that consumers rarely see nationally advertised on TV, it made sense for Nellie’s to make a big entrance. The “Free Range Kids” anthem launched at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics and continues to run in key markets. Just three weeks after its launch the video garnered over 1.5MM organic views on YouTube.