Helping Google Believe in Santa


When Macy's looked for a new Christmas campaign, their brand research showed that they had equity in their Believe / "Yes, Virginia, there is Santa Claus" campaign. So we set out to modernize the concept for a new generation. Today, when children want to know “is Santa real?”, they go straight to Google. The answer they find is an emphatic “no”. We had to make America, and Google, believe in Santa again.


 Introducing The Santa Project, an ambitious nationwide mission designed to overcome internet cynicism with positive expressions of belief. We call on people of all ages to post a photo, message or video with #SantaProject via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to show their support.

We started by conducting research investigating the state of Santa belief across the country. Interviewing experts in childhood development, we found that Santa belief is highly correlated with several areas of cognitive development, including creativity, morality and independence. Parents agree. 66 percent think it is important to believe in Santa. However, 44 percent of U.S. adults think that belief is going down, versus just 8 percent who think it is rising. Those who believe it’s going down attribute it to technology.

The Santa Project debuted on TV with a special 60 cut, followed up by 30s on TV and online. The full two minute research film will receive significant paid support online.

The campaign momentum will build throughout December, with people across America responding alongside Macy’s store employees, the NY Fire & Police Departments, Army, Navy, football teams, Youtube stars, mommy bloggers and celebrities all lending their support behind the mission.

We culminate with a compilation of all the best responses which will air in the week before Christmas, celebrating all the ways that people around the world have joined together to show their belief.