We found something to celebrate in everything. 


Macy's is a national institution. For over 150 years, they've held an enduring place in people's hearts and minds as America's department store, as the brand that brings them amazing fireworks, Parades and the magic of Santa belief. Their awareness is huge, they are one of the best loved brands in America. However, all that brand love wasn't translating to the bottom line. Looking at brand tracking data, it was clear that there was a relevance gap between the affection many people had for the brand, and their belief that it was good place to shop.


 It turns out the Macy’s shopper was a huge asset: a distinctive and very attractive group., Qualitative and quantitative data showed that the Macy’s woman is considerably more confident, sociable, fun and fashionable than frequent shoppers at Target, Nordstrom, Amazon or Kohl’s. She lives her life in a cycle of celebration, even when times are tough, she is always finding things to look forward to. Macy’s is part of her optimistic story, helping her find special things for her special times, big and small. 


These remarkable Macy’s women were our inspiration for an anthemic new video: Celebrate Everything. It show how they are always looking to create special moments in their lives, creating joy wherever they can. 


The spot will air throughout the holiday period in premium placements in linear and online video.