What is INSIDE? Companies of any size can benefit from a real understanding of what it takes to create and make great work. Inside is a creative workflow and production consultancy designed to create custom production pipelines and partnerships to help companies execute work on their own, without depending on more traditional production models. 

How does it work? It starts with an audit of the existing workflow and production method and an understanding of goals and pain points. The audit findings inform the design of a road map to a self-sufficient internal production model. This includes method mapping, staffing and contractor help, business and talent management, brokering partnerships, world-class production services and more. 

Who is it for? Inside is for startups who want to create their own marketing assets, marketers that have internal creative agencies but still outsource production, and/or huge corporations that are looking for an alternative to the standard agency production model. 

Why should you choose F&P to help you?

We have a multi-medium, multi-discipline production network from both the commercial and entertainment worlds, backed by the know-how of building unique production models in world-class agencies both big and small. 



How do I get in touch? 

Please contact us at products@figliuloandpartners.com to find out more. 

How much does it cost?

We'll need information from you to provide a quote, as this service is entirely scalable based on who you are and what you are looking for.