Jay Wee, F&P’s beloved Senior Art Director, found himself in the throes of international immigration meltdown on his recent visit to Singapore. Government paperwork, a normally flawless system, left Jay Wee without a visa and left the office of F&P without a Jay Wee. Hi extended leave created a wake of emotions that reverberated throughout his colleagues. Ted was often seen frantically pacing between calls to lawyers. Emily attempted to finish some of Jay’s design work on Photoshop. It was reported later that her tears of frustration had shorted the keyboard. It was clear something had to be done.

The F&P offices banded together to create the human rights campaign “Free Wee.” Posters were printed and pinned, shirts were screen-printed and worn, and hunger strikes were held from dawn until, oh, around lunch. 

Finally, on July 4th, the day this great nation was born, Jay Wee landed in New York City, born again into our lives. 


Let Freedom – and Weedom – ring.