What is BRIEF IN A BOX? The quality of the brief is highly correlated with the quality of the output, but busy marketers don't always have the time to spend hours creating the perfect document. Brief in a Box is a fast, effective way for brand marketers to outsource brief writing to an expert team and gather fresh insights and perspective in the process.

How does it work? It starts with a 15 minute kick off call, after which the team immerses themselves in your category and brand, followed by immersion and primary research to generate new data and inputs into the brief. A brief is prepared and turned around within the space of a week.

Who is it for? Time-pressed marketers in need of fresh pens and insights to build better brief.


Why should you choose F&P to help you?

We offer a best-in-class blend of a nimble, knowledgeable digital approach and award-winning brand building strategic and creative talent.


“F&P are super smart; they are big thinkers but their size enables them to be extremely nimble and make anything happen. They are highly creative, of course, but they have a great ability to think beyond communications and apply creativity to solve business challenges. We have a blast working together.”
- Jeff Hallock, CMO, Sprint 

How do I get in touch?

Please contact us at products@figliuloandpartners.com to find out more. 

How much does it cost? 

We charge a flat fee of $12K for this product.