Virgin Atlantic Sees A Bright Side of Brexit


Virgin Atlantic wanted to increase consideration among International travelers to the UK, and true to their heritage of attention-grabbing PR stunts, they wanted to increase brand awareness by becoming part of the cultural conversation.


For many people, Brexit was a sign the UK wasn't a very fun place to visit. On the contrary, we discovered that, thanks to Brexit, the value of the pound dropped significantly, meaning everything in London was less expensive for foreign visitors. Because of this, we set out to put a positive spin on the UK's current economic situation, showing people that there’s never been a cheaper time to visit London, or a better time to experience Virgin Atlantic - perfect to inspire those who share Virgin’s opinion that the world is there to be discovered.


We created, a playful website putting the power to calculate savings directly into traveller's hands, creating a new and unique way to drive sales. Optimized for both desktop and mobile, the calculator experience was supported by an online film and social campaign.


We created a fully integrated campaign on a very tight budget, utilizing online video, digital banners, the, and support through PR amplification to convince thousands of travelers that there’s never been a better time to fly to the UK with Virgin Atlantic. ROI for this campaign is 2:1 - unheard of in this category!