Brahma - Gilles Peterson "Back in Brazil

Brahma - Gilles Peterson "Back in Brazil

Judith and her team introduced Brahma, Brazil's #1 beer, to the rest of the world.  Its authentically different experience was expressed through the themes of art and music, and the campaign was successful both in terms of cultural relevance and exceeding InBev's sales expectations. 


Judith was responsible for the rebranding and repositioning of the existing Seamless service, from rebuilding the website to the messaging strategy and activation.

Under Judith's lead for over three years, LBi worked with more Johnson&Johnson brands than any other digital agency -- a broad range that included Neutrogena, KY, Band Aid and Tylenol. During this time, they created some of the most innovative work within the CPG segment.


For the 2012 election, Judith's team and Americans Elect set out to change history through the first nonpartisan, national online primary. Though it did not lead to the nomination of a third candidate, millions of people now support it.

Judith led global collaboration among these three brands to create Placelists, a global locations-based app for users to share and update playlists around the world. It tapped into the emerging popularity of Facebook places and Spotify playlists, and was inspired by the insight that every place has a song.