For a long time, luxury buildings have all advertised in the same way - through similar pictures of vacant rooms and building renders, touting the same list of amenities and specs. It’s made apartment shopping a dry and tedious process that doesn’t actually represent the emotion that comes with finding a new home.

Two Trees, a family-owned real estate development firm, knows that a great apartment goes beyond location and square footage. It’s the potential for growth, adventures and memories that make an apartment truly worth living in.



To stand out in this sea of sameness, Two Trees and F&P set out to tell a different story - one that centers around real people and their experiences in Two Trees apartments.

Together, we introduced Apartment Stories - a two year program that brings to life what it’s actually like to live in Two Trees buildings, through the eyes of three creative influencers.



We invited a celebrity chef, a style icon, and an up-and-coming musician to move into three different Two Trees buildings. Over the course of two years, they’ll offer social followers a real-time glimpse into life in their new apartments.

Not only did each influencer post their own weekly social content, they hosted neighborhood events and collaborated with filmmakers and media outlets to spread word of Apartment Stories.


Our efforts in social media, events, PR, and web content culminated to the first-ever living, breathing digital rental brochure.  In less than a year, Apartment Stories has already caught the attention of millions, earning coverage from traditional and digital outlets alike, and bringing some much needed personality into the rental market.